Time dedicated to the offer

With time, comes quality. The organization of the photo shoot has therefore been thought out in such a way as to encourage the production of an adapted quality product.

Indeed, if the number of photos to be taken is smaller, completion time is on the other hand the key, since it provides for a more in-depth exchange with the architect to define your needs and expectations regarding images.

Total shooting time includes an about thirty-minute tour of the building/space by the client and the photographer, who examine and discuss all the important elements to be photographed and the angles to focus on.


The types of shots are different since the best specialized photographers are assigned to you. These photographers have been selected and trained in architectural style and are able to propose various frames to suit your needs. Moreover, they have architecture-specific equipment. The shots taken in the context of these reports are graphic and artistic. They highlight not only the project, but also the solutions offered in the premises, along with all the details (finishes, colors and materials chosen).

Premium photo editing

Contrary to the standard product, this one offers a premium editing to meet your expectations. During the session, the photographer shoots with different exposures for each frame to overcome possible light problems, thereby achieving perfect exposure during retouching.

In premium architecture, merging the different exposures is done manually to ensure a higher quality final product. Indeed, this warrants better rendering, not only in terms of colors but of brightness, sharpness and contrast as well, hence further enhancing textures and materials.

Editing times are much longer and we have a dedicated team working on premium architecture subjects.

Here are a few examples of photos:

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