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How to use your Shoootin account?
What is the entire process of a shoot ?
What is the entire process of a shoot ?

This article will give you a better understanding of what to expect by booking a shoot with us.

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1. Book your shoot

You can order directly from the website or from your Shoootin mobile app. To do so, simply go to your account and click on the "Book now/Order" button. If you don't have a customer account yet, the site will offer you to create one while you order.

Once the order has been confirmed, a Shoootin photographer is automatically assigned. You don't need to wait for confirmation, your shoot is directly validated.

Depending on the pack you have chosen and your geographical area, our system will automatically select the most qualified photographer to carry out the assignment.

2. Travel of the photographer

The photographer will go to the address at the appointment time set online. Generally, your photographer will arrive 10 minutes before the appointment time.

The photographer has your contact information in his mobile app, and you have his contact information in your Shoootin account. This will make it easier for you to find each other and to notify him in case of a slight delay.

N.B: In case of a delay, the photographer won't stay longer than the expected assignment time. If you booked a 1-hour photo shoot, and you are 20 minutes late, the photographer will stay only 40 minutes on-site.

3. During the shoot

Depending on the selected package (Photos, Video, Matterport Scan, etc.), our photographer will carry out the entire service within the time scheduled for the mission. Indeed, the time on site is an essential factor and in no case will the photographer stay any longer. If you wish to extend the mission, and the photographer is available, it will be necessary to call or send a message to our customer service department. They will readjust the price of the mission according to your needs.

The mission is carried out within the allotted time, while respecting the indications obtained by you upstream but also by very precise Shoootin specifications.

To make sure the final product is high quality and meets your expectations, please send us all your comments ahead of the shoot but also ensure the space is ready when the photographer arrives.

4. Editing/Retouching

Once the shoot is finished, our photographer will send all the raw files to our in-house editing team (Photos, videos, Matterport Scans).

Our team will edit your content. This will enable us to guarantee quality images and ensure consistency, and homogeneity throughout your shoots. Besides, delivery is very fast.

5. Fast delivery to your account

Once retouching is completed, your shoot is sent to our quality team. This team will make sure the specifications are met and the work done by the photographer and the retouching team is of the highest standard.

Your content will be delivered to your account in a 24-hour turnaround time, and you will receive an email to notify you.

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