You can order a report directly from the Shoootin website or on our mobile application.

Depending on your activity and your needs, Shoootin offers you different services.

1 - The location of the shoot.

Go to Shoootin then start by entering the address of the shoot. Finally, click on validate.

Please note: the address to be entered is that of the location of the shooting and not that of your agency.

2 - What kind of business are you planning a shoot for?

Once you have entered the address, choose the type of report (see image below):

  • Residential

  • Offices

  • Architecture

  • Hotel

  • Restaurant

  • Retail

  • Event

  • Other

3 - Define your needs

Now, you have the option of choosing service(s) according to your need: photo, video, or Matterport, by checking the box(es) dedicated to this effect.

Please note that you can bundle several services.

1 - Photos

Select the package you want based on the number of photos you need. Each package has a specific duration.

Once you have made your choice, click on the desired offer, then on "Validate".

2- Video

Select the type of video project you need:

  • Walkthrough video

  • Premium Video

  • Premium Video with Interview.

Once you have made your choice, click on the desired offer, then on "Validate".

3- Matterport

a) 2D Floor Plan

When ordering a Matterport, you have the option of adding a 2D Floor Plan to your order.

Drawn to scale, 2D Floor Plans are an ideal to way to show the size of a property. They allow you to have a clearer vision of the layout of the rooms that make it up.

b) Surface to be scanned

Indicate the total area of the property to be scanned. The associated rate will be calculated automatically.

Please note: if there are several spaces to be scanned, you must indicate the total area to be scanned.

c) Number of additional spaces

If there are several areas to be scanned, indicate the number of additional spaces to be scanned.

Example: If you have 3 separate spaces to scan, you must choose 2 additional models.

Note: An additional space is a space that is not connected to the main property (Example: an outbuilding at the bottom of the garden or an attic that is not connected by stairs to the main property).

Good to know : For all Matterport orders combined with the 14 photos pack, you will get a 15$ discount automatically in your shopping cart. To benefit from it, you just have to select the 14 photos + Matterport offer.

4 - Additional information

Please specify if you will be on site when the photographer arrives. If not, uncheck the box and fill in the contact information for the person that will be on site so that the photographer can contact him. If applicable, please enter the access codes to allow the photographer to enter.

You can also add comments for the photographer which will be automatically sent to him in "Additional informations" box.

Do not hesitate to give us as many details as possible, in order to facilitate the organization of the shoot.

To validate your order, simply click on the "validate" button in your cart.

5 - Date and time of the report

Please choose a date in the calendar then select a schedule by clicking on one of the availabilities on the right.

Finally, click on "Validate" to continue the ordering process.

6 - Payment method

Once you have chosen the schedule, you can view the summary of your order. If you have a coupon, note it in the box provided for this purpose.

Confirm your shoot by choosing the appropriate payment method and click on "Validate".

To know our different payment methods, click here.

7 - Confirmation of your shooting

Once your shoot is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email.

You will also be able to access your report from your customer account in the "My shoots" tab.

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